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self-care begins now

Good Skin Starts Here

Here at Aśani Brand, we pride ourselves on being able to start your good skin care journey. You take care of your face, why not your body too?

I bought the trio vanilla set and it was definitely worth the buy! It left my skin so soft and smells sooo nice. I have a few tattoos which are a bit dry, normal moisturiser still leaves it somewhat dry, but after using the trio just once - my tattoos are really moisturised and all the dry spots are gone!


I have been using your products non-stop since they arrived and I'm in love! I suffer from psoriasis and have been looking for a product that smells amazing but won't cause a huge flare up and I think I have found it with you! Thank you for creating your brand and your products, I will be a customer for life!


I just wanted to say I'll be using your body butter from now on. I received my order only a couple of days ago and my eczema has already started to heal. I really struggle since I refuse to use steroids, so I'm over the moon that your products not only heal it but smell amazing while doing it.