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I'm Not Sure What To Buy?!? 😭

Overwhelmed by the amount of choice available? Don't worry, we've got you!

Sensitive Skin

We understand that many of you might have sensitive skin, so we have a few options just for you!

Fragrance-Free Options

If your skin is super duper sensitive, we recommend trying out Plain Jane! Plain Jane has no colourants & no fragrance, just 100% natural 🍃 If your skin tends to react very easily to perfumed products, we recommend to try this out!

Allergen-Free Options

Some of us have sensitive skin but still want to be able to use scented products right?! Well, we have two scents that are allergen free! The fragrance used within these products contain no allergens that could potentially flare up the skin. Try our Warm Vanilla Sugar range.


We have five amazing scents to choose from, eleven if we include Plain Jane as a 'scent', so we can understand why you may be stuck on what to choose! Here is a run down on what we have to offer:

Light Musky Scents

Our Coco-nuts About You range smells like a comforting fragrance composed of sweet, sugary, creamy, coconut 🥥 and tonka beans with hints of warm vanilla!🍦

Our Warm Vanilla Sugar range has notes of pineapple 🍍, coconut 🥥, white orchid and sparkling sugar warmed by jasmine, vanilla 🍦, tonka beans and deluxe chocolate 🍫 

Sweet and Fruity Scents

Our Peach Sorbet range has strong top notes of peach 🍑, pear 🍐 and citrus🍊 with undertones of vanilla🍦 If you like the smell of a ripe peach 🍑 you will love this scent!

Our Mango Pineapple range smells like a tropical summer holiday! 🌴With top notes of sparkling tangerine 🍊 and creamy ripened mangoes 🥭 Heart notes include golden tones of juicy peaches 🍑 and the sweet smell of freshly cut mouth-watering, juicy ripe pineapples! 🍍 

Our Unicorn Candy range 🦄 smells like orange 🍊, fig leaves 🍃 and raspberry leading to heart notes of lily of the valley, candy floss 🍭 , liquorice and strawberry 🍓 resting on a base of vanilla 🍦 and caramel 🍯 

Still unsure of what to get?

Check out our Mini's! Grab a couple mini's to see if you like the scent and the product before committing to a full sized product.