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Write With Us!

About Us

Aśani Brand is a brand that is dedicated to promoting and encouraging self-care through looking after our bodies. Whether that be through haircare, skincare or body care. We believe that taking care of yourself will increase self-love and self-confidence, as well as improve your general mental health. We now want to create a platform where our customers and aspiring or established writers can write about beauty regimes that they use to practice self-care.

What We're Looking For

We are after thoughtful pieces. Nothing that has been rushed in order to get a commission, there has to be thought behind it. Below you will find some examples of some of the types of pieces we'd love to see from you guys:
Below is a list of topics that you can explore:
Body Care
Star Signs

How Do You Get Paid?!

For every new piece published on our blog, we will offer a contribution fee. We unfortunately will not pay for any pieces that are already published elsewhere as they need to be original for Aśani! 
How To Submit Your Piece
Before submitting any new pieces, please check our blog to make sure we have not already published something similar. If you're writing your first ever piece, check out this article by Amaliah for some guidance.
If you would like to submit a piece or make a pitch for a piece, please email


Please note, we will be deciding very selectively, not all articles that are submitted will be published. 
When submitting a piece, you only need to submit the article title, the body of text and your full name.
Once submitting your piece, if successful, we will make any edits we feel necessary and make it presentable for the website by adding pictures etc.
Once published, you will be sent a commission via PayPal within 2-5 working days.